New owner and I really like this new Vet, John Foltz, DVM. He definitely knows his field and cares for the dogs. Last owner didn’t seem to even like dogs which is obviously concerning. But this new opener is brilliant. So happy for the change.

Sabine M.
San Diego, CA

Where do I even begin. My little chihuahua had been suffering from urine issues for years. Vet after vet after vet told me he was just old and it’s common for the breed to have incontinence issues and bladder infections and they just pumped him full of antibiotics. But recently I noticed and odor and blood in my little Potsie’s urine. I took him to his normal vet and still no answers. I recently came across Dr. John Foltz and made an appointment for him to meet and examine Potsie. He took the time to examine his symptoms and know where to start looking. He found a huge(and I mean huge) bladder stone. Surgery was scheduled within days. He followed up with me and has fare prices! I am so happy that I found someone who could make sure my little Potsie lives the life he deserves and feel great. We owe you so much love!

Collin E.
San Diego, CA